Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

o.s. Hermia. Amy
Puck. Helena  Katie
Egeus. Demetrius. Duke. Oberon Zidane
Lysander. Titania. Donkey’s head  Willis

O.S: There is a law in Greece . By this law, a father was able to choose a man as a husband for his daughter. The daughter had to agree to marry this man, or die.
There has a father who wants his daughter, Hermia , to marry a rich and handsome man, Demetrius. But his daughter doesn’t want to marry with him, because she doesn’t love the man. And another reason is she falls in love with the other man, Lysander.
One day………………….

Egeus: Listen, Hermia. Because you’re the person lives in this country, so you have to fallow the law here. You have to marry with the man I choose, not this man (point at Lysander) , or you’ll be dead
Hermia: But I love him. And he will be the man who I want to marry with.
Lysander: Yes. Why can’t I marry with her? And I got something to tell. Demetrius loved Hermia’s friend, Helena, and she still loves him. So he should marry Helena.
Egeus: You have no choice. Don’t do such a stupid thing anymore. Or you’ll be dead.

(when Lysander and Hermia along)
Lysander: listen to me, Hermia. I have an aunt who lives a long way from Athens. The law of Athens can’t stop us there. I will wait you at the wood outside Athens tomorrow’s night.
Hermia: ok. I’ll meet you there.
Lysander: Good. Keep you promise. Look, who is coming…….
Hemiar: where are you going?
Helena: I am come here to find you. Do you know that how much I love Demetrius. But he always cares about you, not me. And I want wins his heart so much.
Hemiar: I don’t want him to love me.
Helela: But I do. (cry or something…..)
Hermia: Don’t be sad. Demetrius won’t see my face anymore.
Helena: Why you say so?

O.S : Hermia tells about the plan to leave Athens to the Helena. And the stupid girl, Helena, go to let on this plan to Demetrius.

O.S: The next night, Hermia and Lysander met in the wood outside Athens. In this wood, there have lived many other people-not the ordinary people-they are fairies. And the king and queen of the fairies were called Oberon and Titania.

But at that time Oberon and Titania have a big fight. They are arguing about a boy. The king wants the boy to be his servant, but the queen didn’t want to give the boy to Oberon. So the fight was beginning.
One day, in the wood , the two fairies met each other….
Oberon: Why are you angry with me, Titania? I only want your servant boy?
Titania: Stop asking me for him. I’m keeping him because of his mother. She was a very good friend to me. So I’ll never give him to you.
O.S: Oberom wanted to make Titania sorry for her impolite. So he called his favorite servant, Puck.
Oberon: Listen, Puck. I have an important job for you. There is a beautiful flower called “lazy love”. It has a special juice inside. If a man or woman is asleep, you can drop some juice on their eyes. When they wake up, they will fall in love with the man or animal they see. Go to find it and bring it to me now!!!
Puck: Yes. I’ll go to find it as soon as possible.

O.S: The Oberon think if he drops some juice on the Titania’s eyes, then the queen will fall in love with first thing she see. So she won’t get interested in her servant boy, and he’ll also get the boy he wants for long time.

O.S: While Puck was away, Demetrius and Helena passed through the wood near Oberon. Demetrius was following Hermia, but he didn’t want Helena with him.
Demetrius: Go away, Helena. I don’t love you. I’ve come to this wood to find Hermia. I love her and I’m going to kill Lysander. So stop following me-I don’t want you here.
Helena: But I love you. I am going to follow you, Demetrius.
Demetrius: Then I’ll run away from you. I’ll leave you with the wild animals-perhaps they’ll eat you!
O.S: They walked through the wood without seeing the fairy king, but Oberon could see and hear everything. When he heard Demetrius’s unkind words to Helena, he felt sad and decided to help Helena.
Then Puck returned with the flowers. Before Oberon took the flowers to look for Titania, he gave Puck some of the juice from the flower.
Oberon: Take this magic juice and go through the wood to look for a young man from Athens. Put some juice on his eyes when he’s asleep, and be sure that the lady must be the first thing that he sees.
Puck: I’ll do as you tell me.
O.S: After Puck said that, Oberon flew away.
Oberon found Titania asleep in a lovely place. He dropped some of the magic juice on her eyes. His plan was going well and he was very happy!
Oberon: When you wake up, the magic juice will work and you’ll love the first thing that you see. So open your eyes when something ugly is near you!
O.S: While Oberon was putting the magic juice on Titania’s eyes, Puck was looking for Demetrius and Helena. But he couldn’t find them anywhere. Besides, he saw some workmen from Athens near Titania.
Puck: What are these people doing? Let me stop and listen to them.
O.S: The workmen were practicing a play which will show at the wedding of the Duke of Athens. But they weren’t good actors and they were saying a lot of stupid things.
The most stupid man was called Bottom. Puck decided to have some fun and to play a joke on Bottom. So when Bottom was along, he changed Bottom’s head into the head of a donkey.
Bottom didn’t know that now he had a donkey head, so when he came back to the other workmen, they all ran away.
Bottom: Why did they run away? Perhaps they’re trying to frighten me. But I’ll show them that I’m not afraid. I’ll stay here and sing loufly.
O.S: Bottom started to sing in his donkey’s voice, and the loud voice woke Titania, the fairy queen. When she opened her eyes, the magic juice began to work and Titania fell deeply in love with him.
Titania: Oh my dear, please sing again. You have a lovely voice, and you’re so handsome. Come and stay here with me!
My favorite fairies, be kind and polite to this wonderful man, be his servant and look after him well. Bring him the best food.
O.S: Then Titania and her fairies took Bottom to her beautiful fairy garden.
Titania: Come and sit with me on this bed of flowers. I shall put roses in your hair, and touch your lovely face and kiss your handsome big ears.
O.S: Bottom enjoyed having fairy servants. He told them to do a lot of stupid things. The magic was still working on Titania, so she agreed to everything.
Titania: What would you like to eat, my love?
Bottom: I want some dried grass, and then I’ll go to sleep. You’re people mustn’t wake me.
Titania: Sleep in my arms, I love you so much.
O.S: After Puck gave Bottom the donkey’s head, he continued to look for Helena and Demetrius. Finally he saw a young man asleep in the wood, and near him was a beautiful young lady.
Puck: Young man of Athens wear clothes like his clothes, he’s must be the man that Oberon told me about. Good, I’ll put the juice on his eyes. And when he woke up, he’ll fall in love with the lady.
O.S: Puck dropped some juice on the man’s eyes and flew back to Oberon with pleased.
But he made a mistake. The young man was Lysander, not Demetrius, and the young lady was Hermia, not Helena.
Then Helena came to the place where Lysander and Hermia were sleeping. She was too tired to run after Demetrius now, so she was walking through the wood, sad and alone. She then saw Lysander and woke him.
(Lysander opened his eyes and the magic began to work.)
Lysander: Oh Helena, you’re so beautiful! I’ll run through tire for you! Where’s that unkind Demetrius? I’ll kill him.
Helena: Don’t say that, Lysander. Demetrius loves your Hermia, but she loves you and you love her. Be happy about that.
Lysander: Oh no, no! My time with Hermia was very boring. It’s finished now. I love you, Helena!

Helena: Why are you laughing at me? I don't want to stay here and listen to you. I'm going.
(Helena ran off into the wood again)
O.S: But Lysander really was in love with Hermia who still asleep. So he left her and followed Helena into the wood. Then Hermia woke up and called out to Lysander. But he wasn't there. Hermia was alone and afraid so she ran into the wood to find him. While Hermia was looking for Lysander, she met Demetrius in the wood. Demetrius was very pleased to see her but she wasn't pleased to see him.

O.S: Puck went back to Oberon.
Oberon: Well? Did you put the love juice on the eyes of that unkind young man from Athens?
Puck: Yes, Everything will be fine now. He'll see the lady when he wakes up. Then he'll fall in love with her.
O.S: Then Puck and Oberon heard the voices of a man and woman. The woman's voice was very angry.
Oberon: Look, here comes the young man.
Puck: The woman is the same but the man is different. That's very strange.
O.S: The two people were Hermia and Demetrius.
Demetrius: Dear Hermia, why are you angry with me? I love you so much!
Hermia: Where is my Lysander? Have you killed him? Kill me too, please. I don't want to live without him.
Demetrius: I don't know where he is.
Hermia: But I don't believe you. Did you kill him while he was asleep? That's very brave of you. I hate you!
Demetrius: You're wrong! I didn't kill him.
O.S: Hermia didn't believe Demetrius so she ran off into the wood. Demetrius was too tired to follow her so he lay down on the ground. Soon he was asleep.
Oberon: What have you down? You've made a terrible mistake. You've put the juice on the eyes of the wrong man. Go through the wood, find the other young lady and bring her here immediately. I'll put some juice on this man's eyes, then he'll see her when he wakes up.

O.S: Puck soon found Helena. He brought her to the place where Demetrius was sleeping. Lysander followed her and he was still talking about his great love for her.
Helena: (sadly) Why are you laughing at me? Have you forgotten Hermia?
Lysander: Hermia isn't important to me. You're my only love, Helena.
O.S: The sound of their voices woke Demetrius. Because he had the magic juice in his eyes, he fell in love with Helena when he saw her. Now Lysander and Demetrius loved Helena. Demertrius: Helena! You're so beautiful. Can I kiss you, my princess? I love you more than anything in the world.
Helena: What? I can't understand what was happening. So now you both want to play games, right? Oh, hate me if you like, but don't laugh at me.
Lysander: Don't be unkind, Demetrius. You love Hermia, not Helena. I'll give you Hermia. I don't love her now. And I love Helena, I won't love another woman until I die.
Demetrius: You can keep Hermia! I'm not interested in her now. Helena is my only love!
O.S: Hermia was still in the same part of the wood, and she heard the two men's voices. She came to see what was happening.
(When Hermia saw Lysander, she was very happy.)
Hermia: Lysander, dear Lysander! Why did you leave me alone in the wood?
Lysander: What do you want, Hermia? Just go away. I don't love you anymore. I love Helena now.
(Hermia didn't believe him but Helena said to her)
Helena: I totally understand. The three of you-you and Lysander and
Demetrius-have made a plan to hurt me. We've been good friends for many years, Hermia. And I loved you very much. How can you do this to me? How can you be so unkind?
Hermia: (Angry) I don't know what you mean. I don't understand what's
happening? And I don't know why Lysander saying:" I love Helena now"!
Lysander: It's true! I love you, Helena!
Demetrius: I love you more than him!
O.S: The two men went off to another part of the wood to fight for Helena.
Helena: I'm not staying here with you. I'm going, too.
(Helena ran away and Hermia followed her.)

Oberon: You did all this!
Puck: It was a mistake! I looked for a young man from Athens and I dropped the magic juice on his eyes. That's what you told me to do. So I didn't do anything wrong. But I'm glad that I made a mistake. It's very funny.
Oberon: And now, we'll have to help these four young lovers. Listen to me. The two young men are looking for a place to fight. So fill the night with a thick black cloud. They won't be able to see through the cloud. They'll get tired and fall asleep. I have the juice from another flower here. Take it and put it on Lysander's eyes. His old love for Hermia will return. Demetrius will still be in love with Helena. So everyone will be happy again. Everything will seem like a dream. Now, go and do your work!
(After Puck left, Oberon went to find Titania.)
Oberon: I'll take the little boy from her and after that I'll make her free
again. Then she'll stop loving that stupid man with the donkey's head.
(When Oberon found Titania, she was asleep. Her fairies and her servants lay near her. Oberon took the little servant boy from her.)

O.S: Bottom lay near Titania with beautiful flowers round his head. He
looked very stupid. Now Oberon began to feel sorry for his fairy queen. So he touched her eyes with another flower and Titania woke up.
Titania: (cried) My Oberon, I've had a very strange dream. I thought that I
was in love with a donkey.
Oberon: There he is. (He pointed to Bottom)
Titania: But how did this happen? Oh, I can't look at his ugly face!
(Puck came back)
Oberon: Puck, take the donkey's head away from this man. Titania, let's have some music. All these five people-Bottom, Demetrius, Lysander, Hermia and Helena-must fall into a deep sleep. And when they wake up, they won't remember anything.
Titania: Ok, let's party!
Oberon: Come and dance with me, my queen. Let's go round the world, faster than the moon.
Titania: Yeah, and you must tell me what happened. Why was I asleep near this donkey?
(Oberon and Titania left happily)

O.S: Early the next morning, the Duke of Athens and Egeus came to the wood with their friends and servants. They were looking for the four young people, and found them asleep on the ground. When they heard the voices of the duke and his friends. The young people woke up. They couldn't remember anything clearly. Everything was like a strange dream. Now, Lysander loved Hermia, and Demetrius loved Helena. The duke was a very clever man. He saw that Demetrius didn't love Hermia now. He didn't know why but he knew that this was a happy ending for everybody. Even Egeus had to agree with the duke that he couldn't order Hermia to marry
Demetrius now.
Duke: Let's all go back to Athens. There, Lysander will marry Hermia, and Demetrius will marry Helena. I am also getting married soon. Let's all get married and be happy!


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