Monday, May 23, 2005

Weird Vocabulary


1. Desperately 拚命地;極度地 (adv) staking all on a small chance; extremely
=> He desperately wants to win.

2. Psychic 靈媒 (n) witch
=> Do you believe that psychic?

3. Sure enough 果然,不出所料

4. Exhausted 耗盡的,疲憊的 (a) very tired
=> After playing the basketball game, he was really exhausted.

5. Jealous 妒忌的,羨慕的 (a) envious
=> She is a jealous woman.

6. Incident (發生的)事情,一件事;事件 (n) event
=> What did his mother do when she knew the incident?

7. Mysterious 神秘的;不可思議的 (a) full of or wrapped in mystery
=> Crop circle is really a mysterious event.

8. Cover up 隱藏 conceal
=> They try to cover up this mistake.

9. Radar 雷達 (n) radio detection and ranging
=> Now the radar has been used in many fields.

10. Investigate 調查;研究 (v) examine; inquire into
=> The police began to investigate that murder case.


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