Monday, May 23, 2005

telephone conversation

企一乙 32號 盧科萍 Katie 36號 吳佳盈 Amy
(First call…)
A: Hi, this is Amy. Is Katie there?
K: Pardon?
A: Is Katie there?
K: Well, I think you may have the wrong number.
A: Oh, I am so sorry to bother you. Bye!
K: Bye!
(Second call…)
A: Hi, this is Amy. Is Katie there?
K: Oh, hello, Amy! This is Katie speaking.
I haven’t seen you for a long time.
But I’m so sorry! I have to go out right now.
Can I call you back later?
A: Ok, ok, it’s alright.
K: Thanks and good-bye!
A: Bye!
(Third call…)
K: Hello, this is Katie, is Amy there?
A: This is Amy speaking.
K: Hi, hi, talk again!
How was your winter vacation?
A: Oh, that’s great!
I took a trip to Japan for five days.
K: Wow, Japan?! Sounds so interesting! What city did you go to visit?
A: Hokaido, in Chinese named 北海道. The island where full of snow in the winter.
K: Mmm… It seems so freezing. You might wear a lot of clothes there, didn’t you?
A: Oh yeah, of course.
K: So, you might go to take some hot spring, didn’t you?
A: Yeah, your right!
K: Wow, so great! Your description makes me want to visit there if I have any chance.
Did you take any picture?
A: Yeah, of course. I took over than two hundred pictures there. Do you want to see them?
K: Oh, can I? I really want to see them!
A: Yes, that’s my pleasure. When will you have free time?
K: Umm… how about this Saturday? And maybe we can eat dinner together.
We have not eaten together for a long time.
A: Of course yes, I cannot wait!
K: Well, see you Saturday and bye.
A: Bye!
企一乙 8號 邱威勝 Willis 46號 何宗岷 Zidane
A: Is Willis there?
B: Yes, this is Willis speaking.
A: Are you free tonight?
B: Yes.
A: Why not go to see a movie?
B: Of course. So what do you want to see?
A: How about the “hide and seek”
B: That is what I want to see. I heard that the movie is quiet scaring. I think it will be very exciting.
A: So we’ll meet at 6:00 p.m. ok?
B: OK. See you.
A: Is zidane there?
B: Sorry. He is not at home now.
A: OH~! I see.
B: So do you want to leave a message for him?
A: Yes. Could you tell him give me a call when he come back?
B: Sure. Does he have your phone number?
B: Ok! I will tell him later.
A: Thank you. Bye~!
B: Bye!!


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